Sweet Valentine

Valentine’s Day is known around the globe as the day when we celebrate love that little bit extra. It is a wonderful occasion to remember your special someone with flowers, cards or maybe a small gift. This holiday is the perfect excuse to spoil your loved ones and indulge in a nice meal together, as a couple or as a family.

Little touches like heart-shaped decorations are always welcome, but also take the theme a little bit further into your tableware or even your furniture. Make something extra out of the Valentine’s Day dinner, and theme your table setting with different shades of white, red or pink. By paying attention to detail you can make your Valentine’s Day celebration personal and stylish. 

Red is the traditional colour of love, but whereas red symbolizes passion and deep love, traditionally reserved for romantic relationships, choosing pink for your family dinner table might be a better choice as the colour pink speaks of affection and sweetness.

The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day has many legends. The most well-known one is the story of a priest in the third century named Valentine, who was marrying young Christian couples against the emperor’s decree. He was executed for this, and later granted sainthood. While there are many stories of the origins of our Valentine’s Day symbols and traditions, the primary Valentine colours have remained the same throughout the years.

Take the opportunity to break out the beautiful linens and set a romantic table. Go for all things scarlet, rose and fuchsia and choose dusty pink tumblers and patterned pink plates for this more subtle but sweet Valentine’s Day colour scheme. Finally create a cosy atmosphere with our rose petal pink pillar candles, they are traditional and playful at the same time.

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Enjoy the loving spirit!


Chesterfield chair, 72 x 66 x 66cm, art nr 7014
Candle, burning time 50hours, H 15cm Ø 8cm, art nr 101153
Ring deco bottle, H 11cm Ø 7cm, art nr 8958
Hanging heart, cement, 8 x 10 x 5cm, art nr 2162
Tables, three sizes, art nr 16801
Diamond redwine glass, H 16cm Ø 9cm, art nr 8911
Diamond dringing glass/ t-light, H 10cm Ø 9cm, art nr 8963
Lamb fur, 50 x 90cm, art nr 9148
Hammam towels, bamboo cotton, 90 x 170cm, art nr 1105
Stool, upholstery velvet, H 46cm Ø 34cm, art nr 7078
Blossom Fluff oval tray, 4 x 35 x 40cm, art nr 49720
Blossom Fluff jar, H 7cm Ø 10cm, art nr 49722

Written 9/02/2017 by Nordal