Homemade strawberry ice cream

It is easier than you think to make your own homemade ice cream, and if you haven’t tried it already now is definitely the right time. Strawberry is always a popular flavour for ice cream, and right now strawberries are in season.

Involve the children in the process, they can help with both measuring out the ingredients, mixing and filling the molds; and they will love the taste testing along the way!

For this recipe we have used our silicone ice pop molds. They come in both black and white and are easily hand washed between each use. We have tried them many times and they are absolutely genius! They are really easy to fill, then just pop on the lid and put them in the freezer. The lid as well is made out of silicone so it seals completely and wont leak. Once the ice cream has frozen solid, all you need to do is twist the mold gently to get the ice cream to let go and you can enjoy a delicious treat.

The molds can also be used for frozen yoghurt and juices or as containers for other small snacks like almonds, berries, seeds and so on.


If you find that the ice cream is making you a big chilly, wrap up in our soft, quilted blanket. Our blanket is reversible, with a black and beige stripy design on one side, and an off-white shade on the other. 100% cotton, and can be washed at 30 degrees.


Strawberry ice cream, enough for 6 molds

100 gr strawberries

40 gr sugar

150 ml whipping cream

100 ml crème fraîche

Grains from 1/2 vanilla pod


Put the strawberries, vanilla grains and sugar in a blender and blend it for a couple of minutes. Whip the cream and gently stir the crème fraiche and strawberry mix in the cream. Pour the ice cream in the molds using a tea spoon, leaving about 1 cm free at the top, add the lids and pop them in the freezer for about 3 hours. When they are ready to be eaten, twist the mold gently so that the ice cream can be pushed up.

Written 9/06/2016 by Nordal