3D moodboards

Is it time to refresh and revitalise your home? Maybe there is a specific room in your home that looks a bit fatigued and could use some updating? It is easy to bring a fresh feel to a room by some simple changes like repainting, choosing new wallpaper or maybe adding some new furniture and fresh accessories.

If you are looking for inspiration, creating a good mood board can be invaluable in helping you find some. Mood boards are great ways to convey your design idea and get the right feel of the room.

Whereas traditional mood boards made from board with added paper scraps work just fine for certain projects; a more physical mood board created with your hands will truly help bringing your whole room idea to life. Gather and add together a collection of textures, favourite items, fabric swatches, wall paper samples, inspiring images and other things related to your theme to help you visualise how your new room could look like.

We have started our 3D mood boards with picking out different wall colours. Let us guide you through our process here:

  • Choose your wall colour. Don’t be afraid to add a large sample of it, as it represents the largest area of colour in your room. Always paint it on a white surface as any other background can affect the colour tone. Try different shades of the same colour to see which one you prefer.
    Always paint in a corner, or in a space where there is not direct sunlight. Move around the room and look at all the different colour samples in different lights, paint colours often seem to change in daylight and artificial light.
  • Use your 3D mood board to play around with options for the accent colour. Create a set up of your favourite things in front of the wall colours and decide on which pieces of furniture will be in the room.
  • Finally create the right mood with accessories. Find photos or cut-outs from magazines with pictures of things you dream of, use pictures, swatches, and scraps. Make sure the colours and materials all together create just the mood and feel you are aiming for.

Once you are done, leave the mood board and come back to it a few days later with fresh eyes. This way you will be sure that you have hit the right spot, and chosen the right colours.

Blue 3D mood board:
When you go for blue, you have to make sure you pick the right shade for you. Blue shades can become rather cold and dramatic so some people can end up finding a blue room unpleasant and moody. On the other hand, blue can also create an elegant or uplifting feel in a room, if you mix it with other blue or grey hues.

We have chosen to try a cool light blue, a saturated blue and a sky blue mixed with a dab of grey. All wall colours come from Flügger. The marble creates a robust feel, and the upholstered stool with the velour cushion and wooden legs adds warmth. The post cards are from Pernille Folcarelli and the glasses are our Nordal Diamond glasses. We have added silk paper with mother-of-pearl to our 3D mood board, to see if that material goes with the rest of the decor.

Grey 3D mood board:
Our choices of grey are a light cold grey, a warm grey and a very saturated dark grey. In case you have always had white walls, a light grey could be a nice transition into bringing a bit more colour into your decor. Grey works in any space of your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Most other colours and materials look good together with grey.
If you have always been wanting a bigger piece of furniture in marble, add a smaller thing in marble to your mood board to see how the structure and colour suits the room. We have added a small coat hanger with green marble. Fur, metals and wood are perfect materials to add some warmth, if you have chosen a cooler shade of the wall colour.
If you are planning to add some greenery to your room but still haven’t got any plants, just add a picture of green plants to your mood board to get the right feel.

Blue 3D mood board:

Grey 3D mood board:

Written 30/04/2017 by Nordal