A colourful world

The owners of (G)ULD, Louise Schelde Jensen and Anne Støvlbæk Kjær work with wool, in the shape of yarn. The company name (G)ULD is a play on words, as guld in Danish means gold, and uld means wool.  Louise and Anne take pride in using natural dyes for all their yarn, dyeing it with plants that they have gathered in the Danish countryside. This makes every ball of yarn unique. The tone of the colour will depend on which plant that has been used, which season it was picked and even which pot that was used during the dyeing process.

(G)ULD is based on solid workmanship, which is focus on an understanding and respect for the material, the quality and the nature. The way the yarn is dyed, and the choices in which products that are used all stems from old traditions. The main focus of Anne and Louise is to provide lovely, hand coloured wool and at the same time draw attention to the old handicraft of using the treasures of the flora for dyeing the wool. Anne and Louise wish that these traditions of the past will transcend into the present.

Anne and Louise tells us about how their business came about: “We live in a world where mass production and technology has taken over, and where all manufacturing is often outsourced. In the past, each individual was dependant on their own talents and handiwork, and it was a necessity to be able to use what the nature had to offer. The workman and the nature was one, and the understanding of the seasons and the accessibility of materials was on point. Many of the crafts of the past are no longer, only as hobbies.

Often people feel stress and pressure in their daily life, and picking up a handicraft as a pass-time can help bring tranquility and balance. It can also be an outlet for creative talents and ideas and even inspire exciting adventures and new relationships. It can feel very liberating to give yourself the opportunity to experiment with some creative play, and why not maximise the experience by using the best materials and beautiful colours.

”The book “En farverig verden” (=A colourful world) written by Louise Schelde Jensen and Anne Støvlbæk Kjær is about dyeing with natural dyes. (G)ULD also host courses in the art of dyeing with plants. www.g-uld.dk

Written 29/06/2016 by Nordal