A place for everything

Nobody loves doing laundry. While we can’t take away the chores of sorting, washing and folding your laundry, we can help making your laundry room a little bit more organised.

A key tip to spruce up your space is to use labels, a fantastic way to create a place for everything and keep everything in its place.

Large baskets are perfect for sorting laundry. Even the youngest members of the family will easily be able to figure it out if you help them out by labelling the baskets according to your laundry habits.

Our baskets are made out of bamboo and come in three sizes, all in a black and white pattern and with handles on the sides. The baskets we have used here are our biggest size, and they measure H60 cm x Ø40 cm.

We have designed some free printable laundry room labels for you. You are welcome to use these labels for your laundry room, just right click on the picture above, save and print. The labels can easily be attached with a piece of string, tape or a clothes peg and if you laminate them you will increase their durability.

The black and white poncho is made out of 100% cotton and so soft to wear. It measures 88 cm long, and comes in three different colour combinations.

We have a pretty and practical solution for all those lonely socks that have become orphaned due to mysterious laundry room happenings.
Instead of storing single socks away in a box, and risking forgetting all about them, hang them like this on the wall until their partner turns up for the pair to be reunited. We have used a metal chain and some hooks for our sock storage. Our metal chains come in black and matte white, and they are 52cm long.

It’s a good idea to transfer your detergent from its original bottle into something that is more handy to use and won’t drip. Decant the detergent into a beverage dispenser to avoid heavy lifting. Our beverage dispensers are not just perfect for this purpose as they are easy to use, but they are also a lot prettier than the original packaging.

Decant your softener too and use our labels to separate the dispensers. To help you to the correct dosage, you can measure it out in tha small jar and mark it with a marker pen.

A rolling cart is the perfect piece of furniture in the laundry. It’s a great space saving organiser. Use it to store your detergents, dryer sheets, stain removers and other cleaning supplies. Thanks to the coasters it is easily moved around to be used anywhere in the house.

Add some bowls to the shelves to store the smallest items, ours bowls are in birch wood. They come in three different sizes and in both black stained and natural wood.

Written 10/04/2017 by Nordal