A spring tablescape

For your next spring event, try some of our ideas to create a visual atmosphere all around your dinner table to set a welcoming mood for your party.

It’s a good idea to choose a theme or a colour to tie together the table decor, in our case we have scattered a few vases with dainty spring flowers across the table to match the greenery from above. A single vase on a rectangular table like this would have looked lonely, always aim for multiple pieces of decoration on long tables but keep them narrow to avoid crowding the table.

We have used green spring branches and decorations that hang from the ceiling, to give a relaxed air to the table and to make sure your guests can see each other across the table. This is also the reason we have placed the beautiful candelabra at one end of the table instead of in the middle.

To create an even more effortless look, we have twisted the linen table runner to keep the eye rolling over the tablescape.

The neutral palette of this table setting is subdued and natural, creating a rustic feel. It’s all about the contrast in the tones and textures, from the clear candleholders and vases with the metallic detailing to the black cutlery and smoky glasses. Mixing dark, earthy tones with subtle metallic touches and slender blooms adds just the right burst of vibrancy to create an interesting look.

RETRO drinking glass, amber, art nr. 8997  /  RETRO whitewine glass, amber, art nr. 8996  /  Wooden bowl, XS, black, art nr. 2052  /  Wooden dinner plate, black, art nr. 2057  /  PURITY cutlery, s/4, black, art nr. 25301  /  BLACK salad cutlery, s/2, art nr. 25313  /  Glass jug w/handle, large, art nr. 1112  /  RING vase/T-light holder, glass, clear, art nr. 8930  /  DIAMOND drinking glass/t-light, smoke, art nr. 8962  /  RING deco bottle, clear, M, art nr. 8950  /  Candleholder, 5 candles, metal, black, art nr. 2492  /  LIGHT UP off white, 10 paper lamps, art nr. 97200  /   Dining table, rectangular black concrete, art nr. 1252  /  Dinner chair X, natural, art nr. 270151  /  Dinner chair X, ant. black, art nr. 27015

Written 18/05/2017 by Nordal