A welcoming hallway

Getting ready in the mornings during winter time, can easily become a huge project. To avoid time consuming chaos, create a well-organised space for finding what you need. You hallway should be a place where it’s easy to leave to the house, and where you feel welcomed when you return.

Set up a space for your children where they will go to get ready. Place some chairs for them to sit on while taking off their heavy winter boots. Maybe they can also use them for easy access to the drawer unit where you keep all their winter garments as mittens, hats and scarves.

If everybody gets their own drawer, things wont get lost or mixed up, and getting ready and dressed becomes a straightforward mission. Grouping similar items together makes finding and selecting which gear you need simple and quick, and keeps the space clutter-free.

Our iron display unit has many compartments that can be labeled accordingly. We have designed ready made labels that you can print out and add to each drawer, or you can make your own labels all depending on what you will use the unit for. Right click on the picture, save and print.

The labels can easily be replaced on a seasonal basis, when the mittens and scarves get put away to the benefit of caps, sunglasses and skipping ropes.

The unit has many uses, not just for clothes and accessories. You could also store keys, umbrellas, torches, post and junk mail here; or other things which will be easy to grab as you walk out the door. Each shelf can take up to 13 kg weight.

Display with iron drawers, 175 x 80 x 39cm, art nr 6334
Chairs, H 85 / 42cm, art nr 16607
Yoga bag, art nr 2510
S-hooks,black, H 10cm, art nr 4038
Mirror, Ø 55cm, art nr 15741
Candlelight holder, Ø 10cm, H 26cm, art nr 6691
Candlelight holder, 7 x 7 x 22cm, art nr 6683
Carpet, 100% cotton, 75 x 150cm, art nr 8096

Written 11/11/2016 by Nordal