Advent decoration DIY

The season of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, begins when the first candle in the advent candelabra is lit on the First Sunday of Advent. Advent, the anticipation of and the countdown to Christmas, is a big deal in Scandinavia. Most people will decorate their homes with an array of Advent paraphernalia.

Lighting the four candles on a wreath is a major part of the Advent festivity, especially in Denmark. Scandinavians have a long tradition of using candles in the dark days of December as a sign of hope for the warm days of spring. They sure knows best how to brighten the darkest time of the year!

We would like to show you an idea on how to use some of our beautiful Nordal products to create a traditional Advent Wreath with Poinsettia flower in two shades of pink and the more traditional red.

We hope that this video clip will inspire you.

You will need:

Ring-shaped oasis
Poinsettia flowers
Display stand
Candle holders

Start by placing the oasis in a bowl of water over night, it needs to be all soaked through when you start making your wreath.

The poinsettia can be used in your arrangement as a bouquet. You can also remove the blooms from the plant and use them as cut flowers. The secret to using cut poinsettia flowers is to sear the cut stems with a candle flame, which will keep your flowers fresh and long lasting. The poinsettias excrete a milky sap when they are cut and you need to stop the flow of that sap to prevent the flowers from drooping. When you sear the stems, your flowers will keep their gorgeous red colour for up to two weeks.


Etagere, H 56, Ø 31cm, art nr 95621
Candles, H 24cm, art nr 101219
Scissors, L 18cm, art nr 6653
Table, 90x75x78cm, art nr 1108
Scented candle, H 10cm, art nr 101011
Ring shaped oasis from Nordiq

Written 25/11/2016 by Nordal