As easy as 1-2-3

This Nordal drop leaf table is the perfect piece of furniture for those who might not live as spaciously. During the day, it can work as a sideboard, if you need a little bit more space you can open up one of the leaves and if you need a bigger table, use it with both leaves up.

For one, if you are using the table as a sideboard make sure that you don’t place any decorations on it that stick further out than the table top itself. It is easily done walking past and get stuck on things. The table only measures 36 cm by 75 cm, when both sides are folded down.

We have brought our big beautiful outdoor lantern inside and placed it on our table, together with a few of the Diamond drinking glasses, which can double as candle light holders for tea lights or even as small pot plants for the first little spring flowers.

Secondly, when you need a smaller sized table or workspace, fold out one of the leaves and it will make the table 64 cm by 75 cm. Add a chair and use it as a laptop table, game table or as a small desk. You can see our gorgeous leather bound note book, perfect for example for jotting down those plans for the spring garden.

Finally, with both of the leaves in use, the table measures 90 cm by 75 cm and can be used as a smaller dining table. The table top is painted black which gives it a slate-like look which is really elegant, especially when paired with the brass finish iron frame.
A good idea if there is not enough space, is to use stools instead of chairs.
We have started setting the table for a romantic dinner for two. One of our favourite styling tips to create that special atmosphere, is to use candle light holders in different heights, styles and designs. It makes for an interesting focal point.

You can see other uses of this drop leaf table, and how to adjust it in height here: The elegant space saver.

Written 12/03/2017 by Nordal