Blue tones in the workspace

If you sometimes work from home it is a good idea to create a special workspace for that extra inspiration boost, and to keep everything you need in one place. A small nook just for you. The way you decorate your work space can impact your work, so give it some extra love and attention.

We have put together a cosy home office by adding some colour to make it fit with the rest of the home. We chose a blue shade with hints of grey, from Flügger. A fresh coat of paint is truly one of the more effective changes you can make to any room. We chose quite a dark shade to liven up the room, but it’s not darkening it, as we only painted one wall.

If you enjoy mixing and matching different styles, the elegance of the gold furniture and marble details is enhanced by adding some raw and rustic leather and wooden items.

The gold table looks really smart in the work corner. It is big enough to also be used as a dining table. We are using the 90×150 cm size but it also comes in 100×200 cm. The carpet is from Ege Carpets and is called Denim.

A nice colour combination which harmonizes with this wall shade is brown and green. We are bringing brown in by adding items with leather detail. The leather dining room chair also works brilliantly as an office chair, as it is very comfortable. It comes in either black or dark brown leather with visible seams, and metal legs.

Our Nordal notebooks are bound with handmade paper and leather spines. Also we are accessorize get with some metal items in gold, which also adds warmth and a more cosy feel to the workspace.

A perfect item for your worktop is our wooden box with six small compartments. Use it as an office tidy for all your pens, scissors, paper clips and other office essentials. It will help you keep the desk clutter free.

Our Nordal Diamond glasses actually fit into the compartments if you wish to use them for storing smaller items. We have used the amber coloured Diamond glasses.

The metal pot plant comes in three sizes and in two different looks, either in stainless steel, or brass; both with wooden legs.

Another example of a Nordal product with many uses is our bag with long handles. A perfect beach bag at the same time as it is big enough to carry a laptop and be used as a work bag. The kimono is from Black Swan Fashion.

The rubbish bin comes in three different sizes, 5, 20 or 30 liter, and in two colours – black and white.

Written 2/04/2017 by Nordal