Breakfast for two

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why now make it extra special. Start the day by taking time to sit down and enjoy the first meal of the day by setting the table in a beautiful way.

Our wooden kitchen table measures 91x85cm and has a glass top. There is a drawer on each side, filled with small compartments. An ideal place to keep all the things you need while eating like serving tools, eating irons or napkins.

It is a great place to keep things like pens, matches, phone chargers or tea lights, so that they are close at hand. The drawers have metal handles for easy access.

The modern glass top display is also perfect to let your favourite items, special collectables or holiday memories be uniquely discovered. You can see how we have used this very same table in a girls room here Versatile workspace.

A good start to the day is to enjoy some tea and yoghurt with granola, fresh mango and blueberries.

We have served our breakfast on our aubergine colour dinnerware. The set comes with different patterns and it looks really nice mixing the patterns, while sticking to the same colour. There are matching paper napkins in the same series.

We offer our velvet upholstered chairs in three soft colours, burgundy, grey or blue. They bring comfort to any decor and come both with and without armrests. The lightweight kimono shirt with buttons comes from Hunkøn.

Try this recipe for tasty scones for your next lazy breakfast. These fruity scones taste amazing on their own, or with some marmalade.


Scones with raisins:
300 ml buttermilk

5 tsp baking powder

500 gr flour

165 gr butter, cut into cubes and frozen

75 gr sugar

1,5 tsp salt

75 gr raisins


The secret to baking scones is to use frozen butter. Start by cutting up your butter into small cubes, which you put on a plate and freeze.
Turn the oven to 180 degrees and lightly grease two baking sheets.
Mix all the dry ingredients together and then gently add the frozen butter. Proceed to add the buttermilk and the raisins. Combine it all quickly until it just sticks together, you should still be able to see the butter cubes.
Roll out the dough on a floured table about 3-4 cm thick. Use a round cookie cutter dipped in some flour to cut out your scones. Place them on the baking trays and bake them in the preheated oven for about 18 minutes, until risen and golden on the top. Enjoy warm or cold!

The small round tables comes in three different sizes. They are very versatile and can be used in any room in the hosue. We have chosen to place the smallest sized table here in the corner, as a plant stand.


Table, 91 x 85cm, art nr 27167
Chair, 51 x 65 86cm, art nr 7073
Round table, Ø 36cm, H 47cm, art nr 6084
Plate, Blossom Dandelion, Ø 20cm, art nr 49711
Bowl, Blossom Dandelion, Ø 16cm, H 8cm, art nr 49709
Mug, Blossom Fluff, Ø 8cm, H 11cm, art nr 49700
Napkins, Blossom Fluff, 17 x 17cm, art nr 23312
Diamond glass, Ø 8cm, H 10cm, art nr 8925
Cutlery, “silver”-look, art nr 25309
Cutlery, black, art nr 25311
Termos jug, 1 L., H 29cm, art nr 7986
Glass jar, 1000ml, Ø 10cm, H 21cm, art nr 1838
Candles, H 14cm, art nr 101066
Candle holder, 7 x 7 x 22cm, art nr 6681
Flower pot, Ø 25cm, H 19cm, art nr 6486
Posters from Pernille Folcarelli
Tea from Black Cat
Kimono from Hunkøn

Written 8/01/2017 by Nordal