Bring on the bling

Gold has a timeless elegance that is warm and tasteful, and can be introduced to most homes without looking over the top. Adding a few gold accents to your home decor now in the darker months is a good idea as they will add instant glamour and reflect light.

We have put together a small collage of gold pieces from our Nordal collection, that will transform any room and add instant luxury.

Decor pieces in rich gold are a lovely addition to a neutral environment, and goes well with our sleek Scandinavian style. They will appear almost luminous in the soft natural light we have this time of the year. 

The wall rack is easily mounted on the wall with only two screws. It has a built-in mirror that is perfect to store all your necessities for your morning routine.

This shelf has ample storage to organize all your jewellery and make-up. Use it with a bar stool, and create a funky and modern vanity space.

You could also use the shelf for storing your collection of mugs, glasses or other things in your kitchen. If your home is on the smaller side, it works well over a dining table to keep your condiments close by.

Wall rack with mirror, gold metal, 75x25x91 cm, art nr 1182
Bar chair, 52x50x85cm, seathight 71cm, art nr 7062
Deco angel, H 8cm, art nr 3438
Basket, Ø 46, Ø 32xH 53cm, art nr 6548
Jewellery tree, H 40x31x14cm, art nr 1499
Mala necklace, black agate, L 53 cm, art nr 0246
Carpet, 110x170cm, art nr 8097
Blanket, 130x170cm, art nr 7592
Jar, H7xØ12cm, art nr 3612
Mug, H 10cm, art nr 3611
Glass, H 10cm, art nr 8924
Two-in-one ball hanger, shiny gold, Ø 10 cm, art nr 2341
Two-in-one heart hanger, shiny gold,  H 14 cm, art nr 2342
Golden dinner table, metal, 150x90x77 cm, art nr 1944
Jungle coffee table, H 57 cm, Ø 80 cm, art nr 1196
Trolley, H 75x50x70 cm, art nr 4404
Tray table with handles, Ø 39, H 47 cm, art nr 1306
Dress from Black Swan Fashion

Written 14/11/2016 by Nordal