Christmas tree decorations

The decorations are really what makes a successful Christmas tree. Whether you choose to dress it in traditional and cheerful red, green and white colours, or more sleek and glamorous decorations in black and gold, our Nordal ornaments will make sure your tree stands out.

To care the best for your Christmas tree, use a stand with adequate water holding capacity as you need to make sure it gets lots of water. A Christmas tree can “drink” up to 2 liters of water per day. Saw a couple of inches of the bottom of the trunk before setting it in water. By doing this you will open up the pores, and the tree will be able to absorb the water better.

Once the winter chill sets in, it is a perfect time to gather together inside around some handicrafts. Handmade ornaments are a long standing tradition in Scandinavia. You can find ready made paper strips in the shops to weave these red and white stars. Another lovely idea is to weave stars using pages from old books that are ready to be recycled; or you can use felt or fabric and make your own patterns.

Make some small stars for the Christmas tree, and some larger ones to hang in the windows. Variations of these stars are commonly seen all over the Scandinavian houses during Christmastime.

At Nordal we have ready made stars in gold and black, for that slightly untraditional Christmas tree.

We also have Christmas tree candles in black or white. They come in boxes of 24 pieces, and they are 10 cm tall.

Furthermore we stock some cool Christmas tree hangings to suit this theme of black and gold, but also some decorations made out of cement for the more urban looking tree.

If you don’t have space for a big Christmas tree, you can keep a smaller one made of wood or glass. They are not just beautiful in all their simplicity, but also environmentally friendly as they can be reused year after year. You can see here how Kirsten used her wooden Christmas trees to decorate with in her garden outside.

Written 19/12/2016 by Nordal