Coffee o’clock

What can be done over a cup of coffee? Nearly everything! For many people, coffee is the best part of the morning, but it is also the perfect afternoon pick-me-up; and to enjoy a dark, strong cup of coffee after dinner is pure bliss.

Our Nordal agent in Finland, Susan Snellman, is married to a real coffee connoisseur, her husband Roger. He runs the Urban Life & Coffee cafe in Jakobstad, Finland, together with Susan. At their combined shop and cafe they sell Nordal home interior decor and serve coffee and food. If you enjoy their house blend, they also sell whole bean coffee for you to enjoy at home.

The Urban Life & Coffee brand is simply called Roger’s Coffee, and it comes in six different blends. They are all named after the region the coffee beans originate from, Colombia Dark Roast, El Salvador, Tanzania and Costa Rica. All the coffees are Single Origin coffees, which means the beans are grown within a single known geographic location. It can be a single farm or a few farms within the same region or country. Single Origin coffee is usually of a higher quality and has rather unique tasting notes. All beans are sold whole to be ground fresh at home.

Roger roasts the beans himself at home, according to the Slow Roast method which guarantees the best taste and flavour of the beans. There is a lot of effort going into making smooth tasting, flavourful coffee. Roasting coffee is a science, with a lot of art and Roger understands the process perfectly.

Roger has a great deal of knowledge about coffee and how to brew the perfect cup. He has agreed to share with us his best tips on how to create the best coffee at home:

  1. Always buy fresh coffee. Choose special coffee at a higher quality and preferably whole beans, if you have a good grinder.
  2. Store your coffee beans away from light, in a cool place.
  3. Make sure you get the dosage right, 7 gr of coffee per 1,25 dl water.
  4. The water temperature for brewing should be between 92-94 C.
  5. Brewing time should be around 4 minutes.
Written 6/04/2017 by Nordal