Creating balance

Here at Nordal we are proud to show you our new yoga collection, called Simple Days.

Signe Nordal, creative director and product developer for Nordal, is also the owner of the Simple Days yoga studio.

When did you open the Simple Days yoga studio?
I started my yoga studio about two years ago.

Why did you open the Simple Days yoga studio?
I wanted to keep a yoga routine in my daily life, although once the work day was done I didn’t seem to find the time to go to yoga away from home. I chose to clear out my big garage and refurbish it into a studio.

Why did you start yoga?
Yoga to me is freedom. It helps develop awareness, which is good for you. Yoga will teach you both physical and mental awareness.

What does yoga do for you?
The yoga gives med a stable emotional and mental state and a stronger physique.

What is special with the Nordal yoga series? The Simple Days yoga products are sold through Nordal to studios and retail, and online on

A mala can be worn as a necklace but it is also a tool to be used in meditation to help you concentrate. Mala beads are used for keeping count during meditation or recitation. In the Indian philosophy the number 108 is very significant, so mantras are traditionally repeated or recited 108 times.
Your could choose a traditional Sanskrit mantra, but your mantra could just as well be anything positive and supportive that you repeat softly to yourself 108 times.

The yoga mat is made out of 100% natural rubber and it has a very good grip to prevent slipping and sliding. It can be used for all types of yoga.

The rest of the equipment is mostly used in more slow-paced forms of yoga, like for example yin yoga, restorative yoga and during meditation. In the slow-paced yoga you will typically use these tools to support the body.

Try to place the yoga bolster under your head and spine, while keeping your bottom and legs on the yoga mat, and relax. This is a really nice pose to relieve stress and feel at ease after a long day in front of the computer.

A yoga strap can be used in many ways, usually to stretch out and lengthen our limbs. For example you can place the strap around the ball of your feet while you straighten your legs, to open up your hamstrings.

Our high quality yoga blanket can be used to sit on, be rolled up as a pillow for your head or used to cover yourself with during meditation. To enter a state of even deeper stillness place the eye pillow across your eyes. The eye pillow is slightly weighted to aid relaxation and it will also help shut out all light.

Once the yoga session is finished, transport your yoga mat and smaller props in the Simple Days yoga bag.


Mala necklace, tiger eye stone, L 53 cm, art nr 0247
Mala necklace, rose quartz beads, L 53 cm, art nr 0245
Mala necklace, ivory glass, rose tassel, L 40 cm art nr 0240
Mala necklace, ivory glass, purple tassel, L XX art nr  0242
Yoga eye pillow, grey, 10×25 cm, art nr 2505
Yoga bolster, large, round, grey, Ø 23 cm, L 62 cm, art nr 2509
Yoga bag with shoulder strap, 19×76 cm, art nr 2510
Yoga mat, 100% natural rubber, 60x172cm, art nr 0250
Yoga blanket, 100% cotton, 150x200cm, art nr 2507.

Written 3/11/2016 by Nordal