Decor in the hallway

A hallway is a space where you actually spend a lot of time, the one room you pass through the most in any given day. It can be a real challenge to decorate so we would like to give you some ideas on how to bring life to a boring hallway, and give it some love and personality. 

This hallway is in an 130 year old house in the countryside. It is the central walkway that connects all the most used rooms in the house. This is why the family have chosen to keep some floor space free, so that there is room for the children to play and plenty of space to pass through.

Living in the countryside means the family is very active outdoors, so this room serves not only as a well-trafficked walkway but also as a mudroom. There has to somewhere to remove dirty boots and shoes, and also practical storage for all the work clothes and winter clothing accessories.

Our hallway has two parts to it. To the right of the front door there is the more practical side of the room, with the two wooden stools where you can sit to get ready before leaving the house. The iron shelving unit from Nordal has a huge amount of drawers with plenty of room to keep all the hats, mittens and scarves needed.
We have designed ready made labels that you can print out here and add to each drawer, or you can add your own labels all depending on what you will use the unit for.

At the other end of the hallway we have placed two elegant small armchairs, so that the entrance way can also be used for socialising. Our Nordal armchairs are upholstered in natural cotton, but they also come in a beautiful pink colour. The lambskins add some welcoming warmth in this cold weather.

The metal cabinet is a good place to store all those small things that otherwise easily can get lost or create a mess lying around, such as sunglasses, handbags or pet accessories. We are all about function, as long as it looks good too.
A good idea for the winter is to bring your lanterns inside and use them for seasonal decorations, like here where we have filled them with pine cones.

A hallway can often be a bit dark, use a light wall colour to make the space feel as open and airy as possible, this will allow what sunlight does get in to bounce around more. The dark floor stain contrasts beautifully with the white walls and the lighter coloured rug. Adding a rug to your hallway will make it look like a though-out finished space, our Nordal cotton carpet which measures 200x250cm fills this floor space nicely and makes the room more welcoming.


Chesterfield chair, 72 x 66 x 66cm, art nr 7016
Lamb fur, 50 x 90cm, art nr 9143
Carpet, cotton, 200 x 250cm, art nr 80970
Downtown cabinet, metal and glass, 74 x 35 x 104cm, art nr 6156
Library table lamp, 55 x 32 x 45cm, art nr 1588
Lantern, metal, 38 x 13 x 12cm, art nr 1335
Hanger, black, metal, 22 x 40cm, art nr 4740
Display with iron drawers, 175 x 80 x 39cm, art nr 6334
Stool, black, wood, 56 x 53cm, art nr 4266
Pouch with zipper, 20 x 35cm, art nr 7818
Downtown mirror, Ø 55cm, art nr 15741
Candle holder, bone, H 43cm, art nr 1941
Candle holder, bone, H 38cm, art nr 1940
Coats from Hunkøn

Written 19/02/2017 by Nordal