DIY drinks station

With the warmer weather approaching, it means lots of parties, and these parties are going to be in need of nice, cold drinks. Whether you are planning to host a birthday party, a wedding or just a garden party, paying attention to detail is important. A festive way to offer drinks to your guests could be through self-serve drink stations. This is a fun way to allow the guests to easily help themselves to a constant flow of drinks.

Have a look at our video where we explain the different steps in mounting the spigot on your glass drinks dispenser. The special metal faucet takes some extra care initially, to make sure that the air can enter and let the drinks flow freely.

You can easily set up a lovely looking drinks station with a few items you already have at home. First find something that the dispenser can be placed upon, for easier access. We have used one of our Nordal wooden crates, and simply turned it upside down. The wood enhances the charming rustic feel.

Finally dress up your display by arranging glassware, adding signage and cool drinks accessories. You can also offer pretty flowers, fruits, berries and other suitable decorations for the guests to dress up their drink. 

There are many ideas on what to serve in your drinks dispenser, you can see here how we used in in the fall for some cold brewed tea: Hunting in the fall.
For a summer party you can offer cool lemonade, iced tea, fruit infused waters or even cocktails. Your table will look really colourful with fresh juices or sangria served from these old style dispensers. Party on!

Our Nordal glass beverage dispenser is available in a 7000 ml capacity.

Drinking glass, line cut, clear, art nr. 9181  /  Wine glass, line cut, clear, art nr. 9180  /  Table cloth, off white/red stripes, art nr. 6656  /  Glass jar w/tap, 7L, art nr. 1839  /  Wooden boxes, s / 3, 1 large, 2 small, art nr. 4297

Written 14/05/2017 by Nordal