For the chocolate lover

The Chocolate Cosmos flower has obtained it’s slightly exotic name partly because of it’s warm, dark colour but also because it has an amazing sweet scent that is reminiscent of chocolate or vanilla.
The Chocolate Cosmos are the perfect flower to grow in high planters, like our black iron planters, so that their colour and scent can be fully enjoyed. These stylish iron planters look fantastic in their group of three, but they also look good all on their own or together with other kinds of pots where they can be added to bring some height to the arrangement.

The latin name of Chocolate Cosmos is Cosmos atrosanguineus. It is an easy plant to care for, as in the summer it only demands moderate fertilisation and watering. If you water it too much it will become very gangly, so the trick is to having the soil well-drained, without letting it dry out completely. Remember to deadhead any drooping blooms that are going, and it will keep flowering well into the fall.

The Chocolate Cosmos can be grown both as a perennial, or as an annual which will be brought inside to overwinter, just like a Dahlias. In case you would like to try and let it flower it again the following year, look for the big bulbs; the bigger the bulbs the better are your chances for more bloom.

It is easy to care for the plant during the winter if you choose to keep it in a pot or a planter. Just move it inside to your basement, garage or greenhouse. The plant doesn’t need either water or light, and it doesn’t need to be frost proof as long as the soil is dry in the pot.

If your Chocolate Cosmos grow in a flowerbed, you can either protect it from the frost by heavily mulching it or simply dig the plant out, shake the soil off and keep it in a container over the winter. As soon as the frost has gone in spring, you can put it back in the flower bed again. The plant will start to grow and bloom very quickly and give you beautiful flowers for another season.

The iron planter comes in two heights, 51 or 66 cm, both are 28×28 cm. There is also a longer iron planter for larger flower arrangements, 80 cm long and 81 cm high.

Written 8/07/2016 by Nordal