From all of us to all of you

It has happened to all of us – just as you are wrapping your Christmas presents you realise that you have forgotten to buy any gift labels. You try to find the leftover ones from last year, but they are nowhere to be found either. We know the problem and therefor have made it easy for you, with some free printable Christmas gift tags.

These labels are designed in black and white so that they can be printed off right from your home computer. You can incorporate your favourite colour by printing them on coloured paper. If you prefer them sturdier, choose to print on a heavier card stock or felt paper.

These gift tags will give a homemade touch to your gift without all the work. To use this free download, just right click this picture, save and print. Use a pair of scissors, an awl or a hole puncher to make the hole at the top. We used a hole puncher from Panduro Hobby.

Our labels are designed in black and white, but this is the result of a printer that was running out of ink. Such a pretty light blue colour!

The brown paper bags from Nordal are excellent for gifts with unusual shapes, which otherwise can be hard to wrap in traditional paper. The paper bags can be decorated with ribbon, stamped or drawn on. Add some of our paper balls that close with magnets to make your packages look extra special. This black ball is in the 9 cm size.

If the item you are giving away is something pretty in itself, you don’t even have to use wrapping paper. Here we are gifting a notebook from Nordal, with a leather binding. It has simply been decorated with some ribbon, a fir branch and a gift label.
The ribbon from Nordal comes in three widths, and with patterns of stripes, dots and squares in black and white.

A nice idea for your gifts is to tie a Christmas decoration on each package. The receiver of the gift can then reuse the decoration, by for example adding it to their Christmas tree.


Tablecloth, 140 x 270cm, art nr 9920
Table cloth, 140 x 270cm, art nr 9935
Ribbon, black and white, 9 mm, 15 mm, 25 mm art nr 23266
Thin ribbon, dark green, from Luxury wrap pack,art nr
Paper bags, 12 x 24, 15 x 21, 21 x 30cm, art nr 23269
Sissors, L 18cm, art nr 6653
Notebook, 45 x 34cm, art nr 6645
Yoga bag, 29 x 76cm, art nr 2510
Metal leaf, golden, 6 x 13cm, art nr 7870
Kitchen spoon, olive tree/silicone, L 31cm, art nr 3905
Slotted turner, olive tree/silicone, art nr 3906
Kitchen brush, olive tree/silicone, art nr 3913
Fluffy paper decoration, 9cm, art nr 94553
Basket, Ø 46cm, H 53cm, art nr 6548
Dusty green coat from Hunkøn


Written 16/12/2016 by Nordal