Geometric decor

Spring is around the corner, and this is really the time of the year to perk up your decor. An easy way to refresh a room is to use something you already have, recycle it and put it to use it in a brand new and different way.

We have taken our geometric glass and brass centrepiece and decorated it three different ways, to show you how easy it is to change the mood of the room. This glass sphere comes in two different sizes and with its clean and eye pleasing design and shape, it is modern and unique.

Candles are great for sprucing up your home. They create a cosy atmosphere and if you buy the scented ones, they will give your home a fresh smell too. If you do put a candle inside this glass vase, consider placing it on a small plate to avoid having to do extra cleaning in case the candle runs.


You could also use this glass piece as a vase for cut flowers, or simply place a potted green plant inside it like this. It will turn the vase into a cool terrarium.

The black table comes in three different heights and it is the perfect sofa table. Depending on what activities you use these tables for, or where you are seated, they are easily moved around to suit your every need.

This vase is the perfect item to use for seasonal decorations. Fill it with colourful eggs for Easter, small pumpkins for fall and pine cones or glittery baubles for Christmas. With the panes of glass set against the brass frame, this faceted vase is an eye-catching display case.

Actually you can fill it with just about anything to make it an interesting piece of decor. For our final idea, we have chosen to bring in a natural element and use some small willow spheres.

You can use it for your shell collection or beautiful stones, use it for flowers or fruit; fill it with corks from the wine bottles you have enjoyed or place a battery driven string light in it. The possibilities are endless.


Lantern, brass, Ø 34cm, art nr 13525
Table, set of 3, Ø 51cm H 62cm, Ø 43cm H57cm, Ø 36cm H 47cm, art nr 6084
Megaphone lamp, H 62cm D 43cm L 55cm, art nr 1552
Floor lamp, H 152cm Ø 26cm, art nr 1936
Cushion, 45 x 45cm, art nr 7578
Sheep skin, 50 x 90cm, art nr 9141
Blanket, artificial fur, 130 x 170cm, art nr 7592
Candles, black, H 24cm, art nr 101219
Carpet, geometric, 140 x 200cm, art nr 7782

Written 2/02/2017 by Nordal