Go for glass doors

In a home without much cupboard space, a freestanding cabinet is the perfect piece of furnishing to solve that problem. Our Nordal glass fronted cabinet in teak wood provides lots of storage, and looks good doing it.

Our cabinet measures H200cmxW55xmxL180cm. It is equipped with shelves and a metal clothes rack. It is made out of teak wood, and has been painted white inside which helps open up the room and create a spacious look.

Our Nordal blanket is 100% cotton and comes in four different colours.

If you would like to store more utilitarian things in the cabinet, a good tip is to use baskets, boxes or labeled bins to help keep things neat and easy to find. The wooden storage boxes we have used measure 12x23x18cm.

This cabinet is holding some yoga equipment amongst other things. You can read more about our Nordal yoga collection her Simple Days.

Storing your clothes, bags and accessories is important to save both time and energy to help you easily find what you need. A glass fronted cabinet is also perfect for storing shoes, so you can find them at a glance.

Our cabinet can be used for many different things, not just clothes. Storing items behind glass is the best way of keeping them free of dust, but still on display. In this cabinet your prettiest pieces and treasures will become the focal points in the room. For example you could show off your best tableware or crockery using this cabinet in the kitchen; place it in a spare room for your office supplies or colourful craft items or in a bedroom to store pillows, blankets and extra bedding. Our Nordal blanket is 100% cotton and comes in four different colours.

Written 27/03/2017 by Nordal