Gorgeous greenery

Greenery as a table runner is one of our favourite uses here at Nordal. The decorating details of your table help evoke that special ambiance for your next dinner party.

Tabletop trends follow lifestyle influences and fashion trends. At this time of the year, there are many occasions to enjoy and many are planning to entertain at home. Whether it is going to be a bigger event or you are just having a few friends over, here is one lovely idea on how to set a nice table with greenery from the garden.

There are so many ways to make a table look amazing and the most interesting decor doesn’t have to be the most expensive. We have used our vase collection and arranged our pieces along the centre of the table. They were filled with a branches of fresh greenery. Just a few branches in different heights will add that special touch to the table setting, and you can still see through them to have a conversation.
During these darker months, also scatter some candles about the table which sets the mood simply.

Simple variations on a colour are an easy way to pull together a beautifully set table and creates a dramatic effect. We have used dark, gold and brown colours both in the candle light holders, vases and glasses. The glasses come in five different colours, and in water glasses, white and red wine glasses.

The plates we have used for our table setting are ceramic plates that are dishwasher safe.

Deep plate, beige, Ø 18 cm, art nr 5832
Deep plate, grey,, art nr 5822
Plate, beige, Ø 27 cm art nr 5834
Wine glass, H 16 cm, art nr 8908
Wine glass, H14 cm, art nr 8914
Water glass, H 10 cm, art nr 8926
Cutlery, art nr 25309
Napkins, 50×50 cm, art nr 9921
Candlestick holder with balls, H 22 cm, art nr 6681
Candlestick holder with half circle, H 17 cm, art nr 6687
Candlestick holder with circle, H 17 cm, art nr 6685
Vase, H 23 cm, art nr 6666
Vase, black, H 19 cm, art nr 6665
Table, 200x100x72 cm, art nr 6908

Written 27/10/2016 by Nordal