Green up your home

If you have some space in your home with not much going on, try adding some plants and make it a lively, green corner. We love how this staircase looks with the small plants draping down the side, making this area look more alive.

The plants create an instant spice for this part of the kitchen. They are also highly beneficial to your health of course, bringing fresh air and harmony to your home sweet home.

You could also grow herbs like this, as long as you have enough day light coming into your kitchen.

Using a trolley in the kitchen makes meal preparation a lot more convenient. Open shelf styling is very decorative, especially with beautiful items like these. Use the cart to display and showcase your favourite kitchen tools and choose products with pretty packaging. Colour, pattern and texture all come into play when styling your cart. Store your flour, baking supplies and other dry foods in our glass preserving jars, which come in two different sizes.

Our stylish bar cart will blend in perfectly in any room. Other uses for it, a part from decking it out for party entertaining, could be to keep it next to your sofa as a functional side table, placed in your bathroom with a stack of towels and pretty soaps or stocked with books, a table lamp and other bedtime essentials in lieu of a nightstand.

Another unexpected use of the bar cart would be to use it as a plant stand. Cluster green plants together both high and low, and create a succulent touch to any room. Green up your home.

Product list

Cart, 66x41x78cm, art nr 6301
Metal basket, 40x29x20cm, art nr 4408
Flower pot, Ø 12cm H 11cm, art nr 6485
Cutting board, 31x15x1cm, art nr 3908
S-hooks,  H 10cm, art nr 4038
Scissors, art nr 23276
Preserving jars, 300ml, art nr 1836, 1000ml, art nr 1838
Glass picture frame, 13x18x1cm, art nr 2476
Glass picture frame, 20x26x1cm, art nr 2478
Wooden photo frame, 18x18x3cm, art nr 5543
Glasses, H 10cm, art nr 8928
Salt/Peber, H 19cm, art nr 3911
Wooden bowls, Ø22cm and 31cm. Art nr 23244
Napkins, 50x50cm, art nr 9933
Enamel jug, H 12cm, art nr 4680
Cutlery, art nr 25311
Tea towl, 50x70cm, art nr 9515

Written 9/10/2016 by Nordal