Greenhouse gardening

Greenhouses can be beautiful and useful structures for a home gardener. They provide a warm and stable environment where you can grow plants, food and flowers all year around.
A hobby greenhouse is a great environmentally friendly hobby. It will allow you to have fresh vegetables all year and you can use your greenhouse to grow a much wider range of plants, like exotic plants not normally found in your area.

The Danish company Juliana is the leading European manufacturer of hobby greenhouses, exporting products to 20 countries worldwide. They were originally designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions in Scandinavia, which have resulted in some of the strongest greenhouses available on the market.

There are many different kinds of greenhouses from Juliana, from the smallest lean-to greenhouses for those with minimal garden space to the large greenhouses which can be divided into separate rooms for multiple uses, plenty of room for both gardening and socialising.
Make sure you choose one of appropriate size and form for your garden space, one that fits in with the environment and enhances your garden.

Yes, there are many great reasons to own a greenhouse. Not only can you use it for gardening and wintering over your plants, but it will add an extra room to your garden where you can enjoy the outdoors sheltered from the weather. A well arranged greenhouse will also provide a colourful display in itself and add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

Greenhouse space is usually limited, making the interior design a most important consideration. There are many accessories you can add, to extend the use of your greenhouse. Have a look at some of our beautiful and practical Nordal products to get the most out of your new gardening space. We carry both garden furniture and a range of gardening tools to help you set up your greenhouse.

Garden watering can, green, art nr. 8828  /  Garden herb sign w. marker, s/10, art nr. 8815  /  Metal tray, square, recycled, assorted, art nr. 2005  /  Garden pots, green, s/2, L, art nr. 6484  /  Garden pot, natural, s/3, L, art nr. 6475  /  Planter on stand, small, stained/wood, art nr. 7871  /  Planter on stand, medium, stained/wood, art nr. 7872  /  Strap only – for hanging box, black, s/2, art nr. 4294  /  Metal planter, recycled, round, assorted, art nr. 2004  /  Tray table, zinc finish, 67x66x38 cm, art nr. 6531  /  RAW metal container on wheels, art nr. 8841  /  Large rattan chair, natural, w/seat pad, art nr. 2546

Written 12/05/2017 by Nordal