Hip houseplants

Plants breathe life into a room. They clean the air and increase humidity, plus they add vitality, colour and texture to your home.

You can bring the outside in and use the black iron plant boxes from Nordal inside during the winter. Look here on how we used them outside during the summer, with the deliciously fragrant Chocolate Cosmos flowers planted in them.

A great idea is to place the planters behind the sofa, to bring the sofa out from the wall and create some depth in the room. The green back drop really adds a nice relaxed energy to the room.

You can accomplish the same effect by positioning the plant boxes behind a freestanding sofa, and use the plants as a room divider.

The green plants together with the botanical prints by Pernille Folcarelli create a fresh and exciting touch in your interior. Home plants are slowly returning to our homes and greenery in home decor is one of the most popular trends at the moment.

Another big trend that is returning back, is macrame wall hangings. The intricate beauty of this wall art trend has been brought into the here and now. Mount it on your wall to add a unique, boho-inspired touch, use it as a backdrop or hang it in front of a window.


Iron planter, 80x28x81cm, art nr 8837
Iron planter, 28x28x66cm, art nr 8836
Vase, H26cm, art nr 1921
Glass vase, H24cm, art 8938
Quilt, 140x220cm, art nr 7310
Cushion with cat motif, 45x45cm, art nr 7549
Cushion with wolf motif, 45x45cm, art nr 7548

Written 22/09/2016 by Nordal