The Nordal coworkers have many talents. Anne Schøler, one of our designers, also owns a clothing business, together with her friend Trine Keseric. It’s called ‘Hunkøn’, which means the female sex.

We caught up with Anne this week to find out more about Hunkøn.

What background do Trine and you have in fashion?

“We both got our degree at TEKO i Herning. Trine has worked as a designer and design manager with many Danish clothing brands, and worked as a designer in China. I lived there for three years, but returned to Denmark when I became a mother.”

Why did you choose a devil for your logo?

“There is a lot of pressure on today’s women. The devil is a reminder for all women to listen to their own inner voice and not just go along with what other people wants them to. We all have an inner devil that works as motive power and it’s when we dare to be true to ourselves that we become our most powerful and beautiful.”

What is your connection to Japan?

“The clean lines, the calm mind and the simplicity that rules Japanese tradition and design is a great source of inspiration for us. It also balances out the angry devil very nicely. The Japanese style works really well with the minimalistic Nordic design, which is the base of all our clothing items.”

When did you start Hunkøn?

“Hunkøn was established by me (Anne) in 2011, and Trine joined and became a partner in 2014.”

Which is your favourite piece of clothing from the latest collection?

“Oh, we love all our clothes! But if we have to choose, Anne’s current favourite is the set in green velours, and Trine loves the long wide trousers together with the patchwork jacket.”

How do you see Hunkøn in the future?

“We have a plan to expand a lot in the next few years. We are adding more distributors in Denmark, so that you will be able to buy Hunkøn in all the larger cities. We are putting a lot of focus on our newly opened webshop and we would like to grow abroad too. We already have customers all over the world buying our clothes, so we know that our design will work internationally.”

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Written 17/11/2016 by Nordal