Hunting in the fall

The beauty of our Nordal products is that they are so versatile and can be used in many different settings. Today we have taken some with us outside, to be used by at the hunting grounds during a waterfowl hunt.

It is a sure sign of fall when the hunting season start in the countryside. To go hunting and fishing for your meat has always been the traditional way of getting food on the table. Although it has outlived its use in the modern society, there is still a rich and long ongoing tradition of hunting in Denmark. Modern hunting is heavily regulated and based on respect and consideration for the animals and the nature. It is a natural feature of Danish cultural activities.

During the day of a hunt the participants do a lot of walking, and the weather can often be both cold and rainy. Therefor it is important to have many small breaks along the way, where refreshments will be served. During our hunt we had both rain, wind and sunshine so we had prepared a little bit of everything.

From this large beverage dispenser we served some Black Cat cold brew tea with added fresh mint. You can find the recipe here Tea around the clock. The green drinks glasses from Nordal are made out of heavy duty glass which makes them the perfect glasses to bring outside. They are sturdy enough to be used in the garden or for a picnic as well. They come in five different colours and there is also wine glasses in two different sizes in the same series.

The champagne is served in green champagne glasses from one of our previous collections. We have used many kinds of different champagne glasses, which is a good tip if you don’t have enough matching glasses. The diversity will give your table setting a little bit of quirkiness.

For our centrepiece we have used green hanging plants that unfold beautifully over the edges of the stand. They have been removed from their pots and planted straight into the stand. If you don’t have a purpose made stand, you can use cake stands and just place them one on top of the other; and then layer the decorations on top.

Our healthy snack this day was a salad made out of homegrown vegetables. We served the salad in individual glass jars, these can take 300 ml each. We used stripy beetroots, fresh spinach, marinated king prawns and peas from our garden. On top of it all we added a salad dressing with mint and decorated with rose petals and thyme flowers.

These preserving jars are fantastic to use on picnics or during outside arrangements like this one. They can be stacked on top of each other, they keep the food fresh since they can be sealed and you won’t loose the lids. After your event you can use them for jam, chutney or relish or just for storing spices or other produce in.

Table cloth, 140x270cm, art nr 9935

Glass jars with lids, 300ml, art nr 1836

Black cutlery, art nr 25311

Napkins, 17x17cm, art nr 2083

Glasses, H10cm, art nr 8928

Drinks dispenser, 7000ml, art nr 1839

Big bowl, Ø24cm, art nr 50330

Metal lanterns, H38cm, art nr 1335

Written 11/09/2016 by Nordal