Inspiring wrapping

It’s easy to create stylish and personal gifts with the Nordal ‘Luxury wrap pack’. It comes in three different colour combinations with either flower, animal or insect print. We have used the flower print package for our gifts. The ‘Luxury wrap pack’ box contains 12 gift tags, 2 rolls of adhesive tape and 4 pieces of 5m rolls of coloured ribbon in white, orange, purple and brown. All the items can be combined together in many different ways, it’s all up to your own imagination and creativity!

Fancy flower wrapping

We have put together our bouquet of flowers with flowers and greenery found in the garden to make it look more natural. Instead of wrapping it in cellophane or brown paper, we have used some ribbon for decoration. It looks really lovely to cover the stems with the coloured ribbon. You need two long pieces of ribbon. Start by attaching them to one of the stems with a knot, then keep wrapping them around the stems. The quality of the ribbon makes sure it stays put and won’t slip off. Start in the opposite end of where you would like to attach the gift tag. If you want the tag closest to the flowers you start at the bottom of the stems, and vice versa. In the end it will look like a coloured handle, and you finish it off by tying the ends together whilst adding a tag. We have used two ribbons in different colours, orange and brown, but you can use whichever colour you or the receiver prefer. Another good idea is to look at your flowers and pick a colour that suits your bouquet. If the flowers are already in a vase, you can also tie the ribbon straight onto the vase and use it to attach the gift tag. This enamel jug is a lovely alternative to a glass vase. Of course you can also use it for drinks, and there are matching cups, bowls and plates in the same style.

The genius gift bag

Gift bags are the perfect solution for gifting items that have a funny shape. We have used the Nordal paper bags, which come in three different sizes, 12x24cm, 15x21cm and 21x30cm. You don’t need a pair of scissors to cut the tape, it can easily be ripped by hand which also creates a more rugged look. If you would like to tie on a tag with some ribbon, you can use something sharp to make a small hole; or simply attach the gift tag with some pretty tape. Another cool effect is to add the tape all the way around the bag to keep it closed. We have added a piece of the white ribbon on top of the adhesive tape, to be able to decorate with a small flower from the garden. With the help of the ribbon you can attach any kind of decorative item that suits your wrapping.

Wrapping it up

If your gift has a more square and straight shape, it is always elegant to wrap it in wrapping paper. We have used the grey wrapping paper together with the yellow adhesive tape. On one side of the gift there is only purple ribbon and on the other both orange and purple ribbon. You start by adding the purple ribbon to the box and make a knot, then add the orange ribbon only on the desired side. If you would like both ribbons to go both ways, you wrap it all in one go and not in two steps. Make a big bow to which you can tie the tag. The finishing touch on our gift was to add some lovely scented lavender from the garden.

Written 20/07/2016 by Nordal