Let there be light

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any space in your home. Optimising the use of natural light is key, but there is much we can do to improve matters with artificial lighting. All rooms need a mixture of different lightings, and it is easy to update a room or change the mood and ambience of a room with the help of our Nordal lamps. Light really is the main element which gives each room its own look and feel.

There are different types of lighting in a home: task lighting, accent lighting and mood lighting. You should have a mix of light sources on different levels to create an ambiance, and make sure you have appropriate lighting for whatever you do in that space.

The first thing you should think of when it comes to lighting in your home is to define the different spaces in your home. Separate areas in our home have different functions so you need to understand the use of each room and apply the relevant lighting. For example in an office or in other work spaces, you need light over the horizontal work space. Another example is that sidelight is better for putting on makeup, and a reading light is essential by that cosy big reading chair.

Lighting can wake up your room if you use it the right way. It is important not to light a room purely functional but to embrace the space, exceptional features of the room should be highlighted. The correct lighting can help enhance architectural features like the walls, or dimensions of the room. It will also bring out the objects in it, textures and important items. The illusion of space is often defined by light reflected off the surfaces, and you can help with this illusion by adding different types of lighting. Together with light, shade and reflection are essential to achieve variation and texture in a room.

Finally try to establish what kind of mood you would like in your home. A good plan would be to separate your home into different zones, use brighter light in the kitchen and softer light in the living area to achieve the look and feel you desire. Try to incorporate multiple points of light in each room, there should be layers of light blending well together.

The right lighting will make your house a home, if a room is lit the right way, everyone feels relaxed and comfortable.

Written 24/03/2017 by Nordal