Let’s go fishing

The calm colour palette and the soothing sounds of the outdoors is always a good set up for a quiet moment, and it’s easy to get hooked on fishing. Fishing is a popular past time for both adults and children, but do remember to keep an eye on the young ones when being close to the water.

Wooden crates are really practical and can be used in a mutliple of ways. You can pack your picnic and other necessities in them when it is time for a fishing trip or a walk through the woods. Once you reach your destination and they have been emptied, they can be turned over and used as tables. Our crates are made out of pinewood and you will be happy to find they have that lovely discrete scent of forest and fresh air.

Use our quilted blanket to have a little siesta, it’s soft to the touch, very fluffy and in a classic design. On one side it is stripy in black and beige, and on the other off-white, colours that suit every season. Wrap up warm and cosy with it in the winter time, and bring it out into the garden or along on your excursions in the summer. As it is made out of 100% cotton, it can be washed at 30 degrees.

The small bottles are perfectly sized for children, who enjoy having their own drinks bottles with home made strawberry lemonade. The bottles here are paired with our paper straws in aubergine and light blue. The bottles are easily cleaned in the dishwasher once you get home, and the metal lids just gets rinsed under the tap.

Written 14/07/2016 by Nordal