Let’s meet Emil

This week we are getting to know Emil Nordal a little bit better.

What is your position at Nordal?
Basically I’m responsible for the daily runnings of the house, mostly anything logistic, both internally and externally. Certain time my focus is entirely on sales, as we take part in about 8-9 fairs around Europe twice a year. Around those fairs there is a lot of work involving customer relations. I am busy both keeping in touch with our current clients, but also meeting with potential new ones.

What is the favourite part of your job?
The responsibility that lies in motivating and energising our team appeals a lot to me. The possibility to connect with people through my travels, is another important part of what I do and enjoy.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I get motivated by our employees, especially when they display responsibility and a positive attitude. Above all I get hugely inspired by the go-getters, and their joy and passion about their work. That we create a happy environment together here at Nordal is key for being able to produce good stuff.

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time keeping in touch with the people I love, both family and friends. It is important to me that I make time for them as often as possible. Apart from that I have to keep fit just like everyone else, so I also spend time running and working out.

What is the meaning of the tattoo on your arm?
The tattoo is an old Nordic sign that would provide good luck and offer the possessor protection. It is a simple symbol, but in my world it has a lot of power.

Emil´s favourite products from the Nordal collection:

Why have you chosen these items as your favourite Nordal products?

I chose the cushions as I have a textile education, and these are exceptionally good quality cushions. They have a raw finish that I really like.
The glassware is just perfect for my rum and gin drinks. I like their heavy feel and the diamond cut pattern which creates an elegant look.
The lamp is the essence of stylish lighting. It’s all understated and elegant and radiates a soft light, without any bright “in-your-face” feeling.
When it comes to the armchair, we have realised you either love it or hate it. I love it because it is very comfortable, but I also the fact that it commands its space.
The tables are super stylish and would suit any home. They look good together with most materials. Pair them up for example with our velour upholstered dining chairs in different colours, that would look really great.


Tabel, brass look, 77 x 100 x 200cm, art nr 1945
Table, brass look, 77 x 90 150cm, art nr 1944
Lounge chair, royal blue, 88 x 82 x 78cm, art nr 7095
Globe table lamp, matt brass, 50 x 18 55cm, art nr 1583
Diamond drinking glass, H 10cm Ø 9cm, art nr 8961
Diamond drinking glass, H 10cm Ø 8cm, art nr 8925
Diamond whitewine glass, H 14cm Ø 8cm, art nr 8913
Diamond red wine glass, H 16cm Ø 9cm, art nr 8907
Floor cushion, dusty rose, 80 x 80cm, art nr 6224
Floor cushion, dark grey, 80 x 80cm, art nr 6222
Floor cushion, light grey, 80 x 80cm, art nr 6223

Written 5/02/2017 by Nordal