Old world flair

Amongst our Spring 2017 news from Nordal you will find a series of funky, humorous animal prints of some of the paintings created by the American painter Carol Lew. Her artwork is based on the special connection between pets and their owners, and the combination of historical portraits and animals cherishes that special bond.

Massachusetts based oil painter Carol Lew sees animals for what they really are, important and dignified beings fit to be classic old world portrait subjects. The rich colours and traditional motives of these posters suit the rest of the Nordal collection really well. The old world flair and the unique way the personalities of the animals shines through will certainly add not just warmth and elegance, but also a bit of whimsy wit to your home.

History is so much more fun when animals are involved, and these portraits of animals dressed in historical attire are certainly designed to bring a smile to your face. They way the animals are proudly posed and masterfully rendered shows them just as noble and dignified as any human being. The detailing make the animals really take on human characteristics.

The prints of these fabulous animal friends all dressed up measure 35×50 cm. They fit perfectly in our new black wooden frame, also from the Spring 2017 collection. This simple frame will emphasise the silliness of the portraits perfectly.

We love these unique prints because they are sophisticated and adorable, and so much fun. We hope you will find this line of prints funny and entertaining too.

Mona Lisa Guinea poster, 35 x 50cm, art nr 7883
Thaddus Pugsly poster, 35 x 50cm, art nr 7885
Nanny Goat poster, 35 x 50cm, art nr 7881
Admiral Shepherd poster, 35 x 50cm, art nr 7880
Mister Springer poster, 35 x 50cm, art nr 7882
Black wooden frame, 35 x 50cm, art nr 7650

Written 23/02/2017 by Nordal