Our Nordal Christmas table

A holiday table deserves a special touch and thoughtful approach, especially at Christmas time, to evoke that magical feeling.

For our Nordal Christmas table, we were inspired by nature. We opted for a simple theme with a rustic tablecloth paired with details in gold and muted colours to complement the natural look. We chose to set the table with elegant white china, and matching white napkins. A perfect look if you have a penchant for simplicity.

Our table decor is clean and simple, but far from boring. The fir tree shaped candle light holders come in two sizes, and there is also a small tea light candle holder in the shape of a pine cone. Welcoming flickering candles is a must for any festive table. Our candles come in 14 cm and 24 cm, in black and white, and they will burn for 3 and 7 hours.

We added a base of fir branches along our table under the candle light holders and vases, to make it all look like the forest. Remember to keep the table decorations low enough for your guests to be able to interact across the table. Layering textures and materials is the key to an interesting table setting.

Our china has a simple, graphic pattern in beige that suits all table cloths. Our china is dishwasher safe. The napkins come in 8 different colours and measure 45×45 cm, the table cloth comes in 10 different colours, and measure 140×270 cm.

We have used two Diamond glasses in blue and one in clear glass. Mixing different glasses gives a warmer feel to the table at the same time as the addition of the gold cutlery will add some glamour.

Instead of building up the table decorations too high, we have hung woven star decorations down from our chandelier so that there are decorations on many levels.

At Christmas time a good idea is to remove some of your paintings and pictures and replace them with Christmas wall decorations. Our rustic wooden star looks fantastic both outside and inside.

The velvet upholstered dining room chairs come in three fantastic colour options, bordeaux, grey or blue. They bring beauty and comfort to any decor.

We hope that we have inspired you to find your own holiday style so that you can make your Christmas table sparkle for your friends and family to enjoy!

Merry Christmas.


Candle, H 14cm, art nr 101067
Candle, H 24cm, art nr 101066
Candle, pinecones, H 6cm, art nr 101223
Table cloth, 140 x 270cm, art nr 9935
Graphic soup bowl, Ø 13cm, art nr 5772
Graphic dinner plate, Ø 27cm, art nr 5767
Graphic cake plate, Ø 18cm, art nr 5766
Cutlery, golden matt, stainless steal, art nr 25310
Diamond redwine glass, blue, H 16cm, art nr 8909
Diamond whitewine glass, clear, H 14cm, art nr 8913
Diamond drinking glass, blue, H 8cm, art nr 8925
Pine cone candle holder, H 9cm, art nr 2392
Pine cone candle holder, H 13xm, art nr 2393
Dinner chair, velvet, navy, art nr 7072
Dinner chair, velvet, wine red, art nr 7073
Dinner chair, velvet, grey, art nr 7074
Wicker star, golden, H 11cm, art nr 7190
Christmas tree, glass, H 17cm, art nr 1788
Wooden Christmas star, 65 x 65cm, art nr 5381
Oval vase, brass, H 17cm, art nr 6730
Deer, H 27cm, art nr 94875

Written 21/12/2016 by Nordal