Picnic in any weather

We have all been there, having planned a picnic with friends to enjoy the lovely summer sunshine and been caught out by a day of bad weather. What to do? First, try not to get upset or start to panic things didn’t turn out as planned; instead try to focus on all the new possibilities that has arisen with this new situation.

Think about an easy solution, do you have to stay outside, or could you move the whole picnic indoors? It all depends on how much space you have of course, but try and look at your home with fresh eyes, is the hallway maybe big enough? Can you cover up the terrace or the balcony?

Is there a garage, a basement or a shed nearby that you could use? Do you have trees in the garden that are close enough to each other to mount a tarpaulin as protection from the downpour?

We moved our picnic inside an old stable which created ample space for the children to run around and play while the adults hung out.

The food you planned to have at the picnic can easily be set up and served as a set meal or even better, as a buffet. Barbecue skewers can be used for many other things than just food that goes on the grill, here they are used to serve blueberries. The enamel serving plates used for the berries belong to an enamel series consisting of plates, bowls, a small jug, coffee pot and coffee cups. It comes in either white, blue or black.

An easy idea for a table decoration is to place two cake stands on top of each other, which creates space on the table and makes for a lovely centerpiece. Use the top one for your flower arrangement, here fresh flowers from the garden stuck into oasis to create some height.

For our picnic beverages we used these small glass bottles. They are an excellent choice for picnics, especially for the younger guests, as everyone gets their own. Plus drinking through a straw always brings on that good party feeling!

The wooden crates comes in three different sizes, and they have a nice pine scent. They are the perfect picnic accessory as they can be used both for transportation, storage and to sit on or play with during the picnic!

Especially in the Scandinavian summer, you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Remember to dress in layers to be able to easily adjust to different temperatures, and make sure you have plenty of blankets ready for your guests and yourself if you are planning on staying up late to enjoy the summer night.

Written 1/07/2016 by Nordal