Poinsettia Christmas Star Event

The Poinsettia is one of our favourite flowers here at Nordal and we recently took part in the yearly Poinsettia Christmas press event held at the Herkules Pavillion in Copenhagen. Nordal contributed and styled the event with a selection of our lovely products, to help create that magical Christmas feeling.

Everybody got to keep warm by sitting on our Nordal sheep skins and the atmosphere was set with the help of an abundance of lanterns on a side table and centrepieces made out of crispy white Poinsettias placed in brass and glass domes along the table.

For a different table setting, we used the wooden cutting boards as individual place mats. The wood went so well together with our green glasses and ceramic plates to keep the natural outdoor theme. Hot beverages got served in our beautiful rustic cups with bronze details, to keep everyone warm.

Our creative director and product developer Signe Nordal was there to share with the press what Christmas means to her, and why she is so fond of Poinsettias.

One of Signes rules for decorating her house for Christmas is that it needs to be easy. The members of the press got to take part in a workshop together with Signe to create a simple and stylish Christmas centrepiece.

Each person got to use a display pedestal from Nordal, which comes in silver or bronze.

No flower says Christmas like the beautiful red Poinsettia. Although the Poinsettia comes in many other colours like the white, pink, burgundy and marbled; there are over 100 varieties of poinsettias available on the market today.

They were to use Poinsettia flowers, selected decorations and some greenery to decorate their stand. Even though the same materials were used by all participants, the end results were inspiringly different and the workshop a great success.

Delicious homemade Christmas candy treats were served up on our wooden cutting boards, to be enjoyed during the workshop.

Written 20/11/2016 by Nordal