Pretty and functional

After a long winter it is time to enjoy some bright, colourful spring flowers. Arrange and display your flowers in one of these vases to bring the spirit of spring inside your home.

With spring right around the corner we would like to introduce you to our newest Nordal flower vases. These vases come in two different heights, 15 and 20 cm; and in three different glass colours, clear, dusty brown and dusty black.

These vases are really pretty and thanks to the metal lid with holes in it they are also very functional. With the help of these vases anyone can easily create lovely flower arrangements. The lid holds the stems upright and separates them. It helps you create a nice and organised flower decoration.

The lid also works as a built-in flower support which is especially great for when you don’t have a large amount of flowers. Use the holes to place the flowers in a pattern to your own taste. The lid is loose so you can also use the vase in the traditional way. If you choose to use the vase without the lid you need a larger amount of flowers to fill it out.

The beautiful lamp on top of the cabinet is even more gorgeous when it is lit. The bubbled glass lamp shade gives off a soft, gentle overall light, creating a lovely atmosphere.

Our storage cabinet is another one of our products we are very proud of, thanks to the dual functionality of the interior. You can store items on two levels, or fold up the shelf and use the whole space for taller things. See more on how it works here: Unexpected storage.

Inside our cabinet you can spot our popular etagere and also our newest storage boxes, made out of plywood. They come with lids, dividers, and handles. Use them to clear away clutter in every room of the house. They are perfect for smaller items, clothing accessories, candles and tea lights, craft essentials, toys, office equipment and so on.

These decorative vases made out of glass and metal will bring some unique textures into your home. These vases can be used with or without the lid, or you can even just leave them empty on display, as pretty sculptural design objects.

Another way of creating a welcoming ambience is with candles. Our huge rustic lantern in metal suits both outdoors and inside your home. The internal framework can be lift up for easy access to light the tea light.

Here you can see the products we have used:

Written 20/03/2017 by Nordal