Raaw to the rescue

We have discovered a new beauty favourite at Nordal, the Raaw in a jar skin care line, all 100% natural and non-toxic. Raaw in a jar is a Danish brand based in New York, where the products are carefully handmade with organic ingredients.

Raaw in a jar began like many other great inventions, out of necessity. The founder Trice Christiansen had trouble finding skin care products that wouldn’t make her skin break out, so she switched to organic products.

The inspiration for her own skin care line came from studying ancient beauty traditions and how nature’s treasures were used. All the power from the herbs and plants was combined with modern knowledge about dermatology to create these highly effective organic and sustainable products, without any chemistry.

Take a time out to treat your tired winter skin to a bit of a pampering session. You can create that spa feeling in your own bathroom with the help some ambient music, a scented candle and wrapping yourself in a soft robe. You will really enjoy using these amazing products, as they are all made from cold pressed oils and raw ingredients. Your skin will immediately feel rejuvenated and refreshed, and you will reap long lasting benefits from using only all natural products.

Raaw in a jar manufactures oils, salts, creams and powders, all packed with soothing ingredients. This skin care line suits all skin types.

All the formulas are original and the ingredients have all been harvested in nature. The products are created and tested by the passionate team behind. These products will make you feel good in more ways than one, as they are not just good for your body but also the environment. No harmful chemicals are added. It is an added bonus that this efficient skin care line also comes in elegant packaging, a little bit of luxurious fashion on your bathroom shelf.


Create a spa style bathroom with Raaw in a jar and Nordal:

Written 16/03/2017 by Nordal