Red and green holiday decor

At Christmas time, let our nesting tables become center stage for your festive decor. We have chosen play around with red and green colours and display a few striking pieces on top of our tables this season.

The lovely red poinsettia flower can be used as a cut flower, it will last for several days without water like this. A good tip is to sear the cut stem over a candle flame, to stop the flow of sap before you use it in your flower arrangement or holiday decoration.

Count down for Christmas with a calendar candle. We have ours on the bottom tray of our display pedestal. The pedestal can easily be brought apart, and the screw that normally holds the stand for the second plate is here used to keep the candle in place.

Another battery driven decoration is the Christmas tree under the vintage glass dome. Bell jars and glass domes like this one have been used for centuries to display the most cherished treasures. A charming decoration that can also be used as a table top centrepiece.

Nesting tables are ready when you need them, and easily tuck away when you don’t. Our black tables come in three different sizes and can be stacked on top of each other. They are sleek and lightweight, the legs are metal and the table top is made out of black lacquered wood. These tables are endlessly versatile and can be used in nearly every room of your house.

Bring on the holiday spirit with Christmas decorations in traditional red and green. The decorations stand out on top of the black tables, adds cosiness and go so well together with the shiny gold.

The lantern has been filled with some pine cones and a battery powered string light, for an enchanting atmosphere. The paper balls around the bulbs keep closed with magnets which makes it easy to pack them away when not in use.


Table, Ø 51 x H 62cm / Ø 43 x H 57cm / Ø 36 x H47cm
Lantern, 13 x 13 x 30cm, art nr 1341
String light, 2,5m, Ø 9cm, art nr 97200
Deer, white, 9 x 3 x 12cm art nr 94876 / 22 x 7 x 27cm art nr 94875
Gold paper star Ø 11cm art nr 7190 / Ø 18cm art nr 7191
Garden pot, grey,  Ø 25 x H 19cm, art nr 6486
Etagere, silver, Ø 31cm x H 56cm, 95621
Black paper star, Ø 11cm art nr 7187 / Ø 18cm art nr 7188
Vase, H 26 x Ø 18cm, art nr 1921
Golden leaf, 6 x 13cm, art nr 7870
Deer, red, H 10cm, art nr 2345
Glass dome, Ø 14 x H 27cm, art nr 3137
Candle, Ø 6 x H 26cm, art nr 101040
Red and green velvet dresses from Hunkøn

Written 5/12/2016 by Nordal