Selleberg Specialities

At Nordal we are big fans of the Selleberg products. If you don’t know them already, we highly recommend that you try them out!

The Selleberg Specialities is a wide range of both classic and new recipes of cherry products to suit all your requirements. All chutneys, jams and sauces are locally manufactured at the Selleberg Manor, using only natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Hasselback potatoes with Selleberg Cherry Syrup

4 people

8 medium sized potatoes
Olive oil
25 gr melted butter
Selleberg Cherry Syrup

Cut the bottom off each potato, just enough so they don’t roll. Then cut slits across the potatoes, taking care only cutting halfway. Brush the potatoes with olive oil, make sure it gets in between the slices. Bake them in 220 degrees until they turn golden brown.

Remove them from the heat and brush them with the melted butter and a few “stripes” of cherry syrup across each potato. Finish off with some salt.
Turn the heat up to 250 degrees and bake them until the syrup just caramelises, and they are ready to enjoy!

The history of the Selleberg Manor dates all the way back to the early middle ages, when it belonged to the Crown. The Manor was mentioned in the books for the first time already in 1231. The area with the original buildings then belonged to King Valdemar II.
The current main house was constructed in the early 18th century and the work buildings in 1899. They are today amongst other things used as cold storage, packing shed and garage for the machine park. The characteristic manor tower is rather modern, it was built in the 1960s and more recently was restored in 2008.

Selleberg Manor is today the home of Sellerberg Specialities, a range of exciting cherry products that are suited for all occasions. There has been a cherry orchard on the grounds for the past two generations. Today it covers about 8 hectares. All of the cherries grown here are sold fresh during the summer season, so in order to manufacture the cherry products other orchards supply cherries. They are all from the same variety, Noir de Basle.

Cherry cake with almond/macadamia

For the cake:

150 gr almonds
50 gr unsalted macadamia nuts
100 gr flour
150 gr raw sugar
160 gr butter
1 pinch salt

Vanilla cream:

1 ½ dl creme fraiche 38%
1 dl whipped creme
1 egg yolk
2 tbsp icing sugar
1 vanilla pod
25 gr white chocolate


500 gr Selleberg Preserved Cherries

Cherry cream:

½ liter cream
1 vanilla pod
1 dl Selleberg Cherry Syrup
1 ecological lime, both zest and juice

Ground 100 gr of the almonds, and chop the rest of the almonds and the macadamia nuts coarsely. Mix the nuts with the meal, sugar and the salt. Add the butter until you get a dough that you will spread out into a cake tin. Bake it at 180 degrees for 12 minutes.

Whip the egg yolk together with the icing sugar and the seeds from the vanilla pod, until white and fluffy. In a separate bowl whip the cream until set, turn in the creme fraiche and then the egg mixture. Carefully mix it all together.

Grate the white chocolate and spread it over the warm cake, the chocolate will stop the juices from the cherries from making it soggy. Once the cake has cooled down, spread out a layer of the vanilla cream and add the preserved cherries on top.Finally add the cherry syrup and the lime juice to the whipped cream and spread it on top, decorate with the lime zest.

The Selleberg cherry sauce is famous and have won several prizes, ‘Best Product – All Categories’ at the Danish Food Contest, and ‘Best in Test’ at TV2 Go Morgen DK. It’s a  perfect sauce for desserts, baking and ice-cream.

Written 8/12/2016 by Nordal