Structured style in the cabinet

There is something elegant and impressive about big glass-door cabinets and they can be used in so many ways. They look really nice in a living area, filled with books, vases, photo frames and other favourite pieces. They are also very practical in the dining room where they create a graceful and roomy storage space for glasses, bowls, plates, table clothes and all the other things you need for setting a beautiful table.

Although if you have a cabinet with glass doors it is important to keep everything in it tidy and organised, or else the whole room can quickly look messy. Styling your cabinet is not a difficult task, just follow some simple guide lines and your cabinet will be both a fantastic storage unit and set your room of to its best advantage.

Here are some ideas around two ways to style your cabinets.

This is how you create a balanced unit with order:

If you cabinet is placed against a wall with a strong colour or bold patterned wall paper, it is a good idea to make sure that the interior of your cabinet is organised and sleek so that it is not trying to steal the attention off the wall.

  1. Look at your things and see how you can group them together, place the same kind of items on each shelf. For example keep all the glass on one shelf, all the books on another, all the vases on a third shelf and so on.
  2. Use calm and neutral shades inside the cabinet. Grey, black, white, beige and brown goes well together with different types of wood, and metallic colours.
  3. Always place the items that are the most visually heavy at the bottom of the cabinet. This seems logical to the brain and is easy on the eyes. If you place books on the top shelf of a cabinet you will feel an unbalance when you look at it.


This is how you create a balanced unit with colour:


If your cabinet in itself is not as dominating, and is placed against a neutrally coloured wall, it would be a good opportunity to style it with a splash of colour to turn it into a stunning centerpiece:


    1. Have a look through the items you would like to display and see which colour is your predominant colour. Here the green glasses and a green vase determines the colour scheme to follow green as the prime colour.
    2. Combine items in this main colour with things in the same shade or tone. In this example, the many different shades of green creates a peaceful look.
    3. Finally, to draw maximum attention to the items in your accent colour, only use items in neutral colours around them.
Written 13/06/2016 by Nordal