Suspended storage

A fantastic idea we would like to share with you, is to combine Nordal straps with our wooden crates. This will create a new kind of storage, perfect to suspend off the door of your greenhouse or garage, or in any storage area. You can for example use it to hold small decorative plant pots, grow herbs in it or for your garden tools. Inside your home the crate will add a rustic touch to your kitchen, bathroom or living room, plus it is very practical when used with the straps. Hang it off the back of your kitchen door, or simply on the kitchen wall, and use it to store your cook books, spices or kitchen tools. In the living area or dining room it looks fabulous filled with books, tea light holders, photo frames or other decorative items. In a basement with free laid pipes, you could hang it off the pipes if they are well attached to the wall or ceiling. A perfect storage for small tools and other items that might easily get lost otherwise.

Wooden crates suspended like this is a really good idea, especially if you are a little bit short of floor space in your home. It is a fantastic solution for optimizing your space, and at the same time they are truly decorative. The straps we have used around the Nordal crates are made out of nylon and measure 95 cm. The length can easily be adjusted. The part of the strap that will end up over the door or the pipe has been enforced with metal and can be adjusted in depth as well, all depending on the size of what you are using to hang it off. The wooden crate is made out of pine wood and comes in two different sizes. We have used the 36x30x23 cm crate, but the strap fits both crate sizes. You can either keep the crate as a box so that you can place items inside it, or turn the opening to the front so that it will function more as a shelf. Another good tip is to remember to also use the space on top of the crate for displaying your favourite things, and you can even add small hooks and hang small items off it.

How would you use the Nordal wooden crates? Here are three ideas from us.

In the bathroom:

In the greenhouse:

In the kitchen:

Written 5/08/2016 by Nordal