Swedish beauty

Vakinme is a Swedish brand specialising in natural home and body products all made with certified organic raw ingredients. They have created three different series, all with refreshing and calming scents that will add character to your daily life.

All the Vakinme products come in a clean and simple packagings. The three different series, Damossa, Björktuva and Åkermynta, can be told apart by the different colours on the packaging. Using stylish black, white and grey is perfect mix of Nordic style and classic simplicity.

These elegant products will look really good on your bathroom shelf or on your vanity. We have paired them up with a few Nordal accessories to create a trendy space to get ready for the day.

The pinewood table is perfectly matched by the upholstered stool and the black rimmed mirror. The mirror comes in both a round and square version. Small jars, bowls or glasses are perfect for catching jewellery or keep pieces separated by style or occasion. You can also mount a few knobs on the wall to hang your jewellery or scarves from. Use a tray to separate products from each other and to make your space look more tidy.

Vakinme have created their products hoping that they will create a sense of well-being and timeless awareness. Fresh flowers will be another way to add a clean feeling to your vanity while you are using these natural products.

Vakinme is sold in Denmark by www.kjaersagentur.dk

Hammam towel, grey stripe, off white, art nr. 9521  / DELUXE round tray ø-30, white/copper, art nr. 10205  /   TRIANGLE bowl, black, art nr. 6781  /  RING deco vase, clear, iron top, art nr. 8979  /  RING deco vase, clear, art nr. 8982  /  Vase, black w/gold top, metal, art nr. 1920   /  HOOK for coats, black, art nr. 4025  /  Bone mirror, rectangular,black/off white, art nr. 1951  /  Bone mirror, oval, black/off white, art nr. 1952  /  Wall lamp, black, for deco bulb, art nr. 1570  /  Wall lamp for deco bulb, brass, small, art nr. 1590  /  Stool, wine red, velvet, art nr. 7078  /  Stool, grey, velvet, art nr. 7079  /  Nature console table, wood, art nr. 60519

Written 21/05/2017 by Nordal