Tea around the clock

Black Cat is the oldest tea house in Norway. It was founded in 1905 by the Gundersen family and is still kept in the family, today run by the third generation.

The Black Cat teas are not only delicious, but the tea comes in stylish black tins that look really great on display in the kitchen.

You can use the Black Cat teas to make cold brew tea, which the Nordal carafes are perfect for. They come in two sizes, 500 ml and 1000 ml. The carafes are dishwasher safe and the lids are easy to rinse off at the sink. These carafes are perfect for cold drinks like ice tea, lemonade or flavoured water, but they are not suited for hot beverages.

Cold brew tea:

Add two pyramid bags of Black Cat tea into one of the Nordal carafes. Fill it up with cold water from the tap. You have to leave the carafe in the fridge for about 12 hours before you can enjoy your first sip of delicious cold brew tea. If you would like, you can add some sugar, or syrup, but the flavour of tea is amazing all on it’s own too!

Black Cat has created a series of teas from a unique combination of tea, herbs and fruit that you can drink all day long. The mix of each different flavour of tea will help you get through your day. Drink tea to wake up in the morning, and to wind down at night.

Just follow the clock when you choose your tea!


Mild but alert. Fresh apples, green Maté, sweet blackberries, stinging nettles, oranges and grapefruit. It is good. It is tasty. Enjoy your morning.


Fruity and revitalising when you need a refreshing drink with a bite to eat. This is a caffeine free fruit tea, which is both sweet and sour.


Fresh and invigorating. Can be enjoyed both hot or cold. This is the tea for when you need that extra boost of energy.


The work is done for the day. This caffeine free fruit tea with cinnamon and almond tastes just like apple pie, and will help wind you down after a busy day.


To end the day, curl up in bed and enjoy a cup of calming caffeine free herbal tea. Chamomile, lemon grass, sage and fresh lemon. Sleep tight!


Written 14/07/2016 by Nordal