The life saver

A coat rack is a real life saver and something you get use out of daily. At Nordal we have a broad selection of wall coat racks in various sizes, materials and styles that will look great in any entryway, mudroom or office.

One of our latest products is a combined shelf and coat rack. It comes in two variations, one that measures 70x17x17 cm and has five wooden pegs; and one with four metal coat hooks which is slightly smaller in size at 55x14x10 cm. This is a real favourite as it is small enough to fit in most spaces and is really useful in keeping any room nice and tidy. It’s truly versatile and functional.

Use the shelf as place to drop your keys, wallet, gloves and other small items upon arriving home. Combined with storage baskets it can store most things, no matter how small. It could also be used in the bathroom, where the shelf would provide the perfect place to store your cosmetics and other bathroom essentials, and the hooks would hold your towel or robe.

The simple design of our metal coat racks will add a refined touch to any room, whether they are draped with clothing accessories, or left unadorned. These coat racks fits perfectly in any part of the house. They could be used to hang anything from your dog lead or umbrella, to your children’s drawings. Also try and decorate them seasonally or use them as a stylish way of displaying your scarves or jewellery. The metal coat racks will also work great as utility storage hangers, in the shed or the workshop.

If you have a more rustic taste we also have a few wooden coat racks that will enhance any space. This eucalyptus wood hanger with four loose hooks in brass plated steel measures 60x7x16 cm. It also comes in a 150 cm long version.

The dusty blue rack is painted with water colour and lacquered. It measures 80x9x7 cm, and also comes with only two or fixed three hooks.

If you are specifically looking for small storgage, we also have small marble coat racks with only four pegs in the size 16x6x5 cm. Our marble coat racks come with metal pegs and in three different coloured marbles to fit every style. 

The marble coat racks also come in a bigger size, which would be the perfect hanger for the larger family. It measures 34x9x6 cm and have six fixed metal hooks. The hooks can easily take handbags, ties, necklaces and so on.


Combined shelf and coat rack, wood pegs,  70 x 17 x17cm, art nr 60525
Combined shelf and coat rack, metal pegs,  55 x 14 x 10cm, art nr 7854
Small marble coat rack, 16 x 6 x 5cm, art nr 4045/4046/4047
Large marble coat rack, 34 x 9 x 6cm, art nr 4040/4041/4042
Wood coat rack, 60 x 7 x 16cm, art nr 4050
Blue wood coat rack, 80 x 9 x 7cm, art nr 4783
Metal rack with hooks, 101 x 10 x 6cm, art nr 4161
Metal rack, brass finish, L 130cm, art nr 4017

Written 15/02/2017 by Nordal