Easter table setting

We would like to show you a few ideas for your Easter table, with decor that is quite a departure from the traditional pastels we are so used to seeing for this holiday. Instead we have set the ambiance with a more subtle theme, where we have mixed and matched a few different textures and materials to create a lovely look.

Our round, wooden serving platter can be used in many ways, for serving cake or nibbles, or as we have done here, as a rustic charger plate. We have it in two sizes, Ø25 cm and Ø32 cm. Bringing nature-inspired elements to the table represents spring perfectly.

Simple yet elegant elements always make for a gorgeous table. Skip the table cloth for understated elegance. Instead you can make a statement on your table by choosing to use real napkins, a small detail which will make your table feel really special. On our table we are using neutral coloured linen napkins, which measure 45×45 cm.
We made some quick and pretty place settings by tying cherry blossom twigs onto the folded napkins with pieces of velour string.

Colourful spring blooms make the heart sing, use them liberally as your center pieces. There is simply something so graceful about the first spring branches. The cherry blossoms are placed in our blue Ring vase, which comes in three sizes. We have also picked out a few budding columbines which sits pretty in our new glass vase. It has a metal lid with holes in it, which makes it really easy to create a pretty flower arrangement. Simple and stunning.

A more understated way of bringing the Easter theme to the table is to use eggs in your decor. We have chosen to place an elegant marble egg by each place setting. They come in four pleasantly intense colours, which goes really well with our rustic theme.
Here you can also see another use for our small cutting board, as a charger plate.

For this style we have used a dining set called Inca. The plates come in both lunch plate and dinner plate sizes and the bowl also comes in two sizes, Ø12 cm and Ø16 cm.

Easter is just a few weeks away and it is not too early to start planning how to make your Easter table something special this year.

Written 9/03/2017 by Nordal