The storage basket ladder

Use our Nordal Storage Basket Ladder in every room of your home. The wire baskets can be used for everything from hats to magazines, pet items or blankets. 

We will here give you two ideas on how to use our ladder, in the bedroom and in the bathroom.

This ladder has a leaning design for easy display, and five tiered wire baskets in a black metal finish. It is a super useful and cleverly designed storage unit for almost all items. It can easily be moved from room to room where you are in need of extra storage. For safety it can also be attached to the wall by the two rings on top of the ladder.

In the top wire basket you can see our soap dispenser in the colour Aubergine. We have filled it with hand cream and keep it here, so that it’s nice and close at bedtime.

Here in the bedroom we have removed one of the baskets to give space for some hooks, to hang our necklaces and bracelets on. Our s-hooks come in brass or black.

If you wish to use it for storing even smaller trinkets, you can place boxes or crates in the wire baskets. We have added our new wooden box in the lowest basket where it fits perfectly. The box is from the SS17 collection and measures 23×18 cm.

The bathroom is another room where you sometimes lack storage space. This ladder turn into the perfect bathroom tidy, for towels, soaps, makeup tools and so on. 

The ladder has a rustic brown wood finish, it is made out of Monterey pine; and the five baskets come in varying sizes. The ladder is 186 cm tall.

The green glass dispensers can be filled with soap, or shampoo and conditioner. If you have trouble remembering which is which you can stick a pretty label on them.

Another lovely idea is to use the wire baskets for small plants, to add some greenery to your bathroom.

The Nordal towels are made out of 100% bamboo cotton, and come in the colour combinations red/pink and petrol blue/off white.
The grey and black stripy towels are 100% cotton, and measure 90×170 cm.

We have filled our jam jars with cotton, cotton buds and spare soaps.

The small zippered toilet bags have pearl decorations and a pocket inside. They are from the new SS17 collection and come in two sizes, with either horizontal or vertical stripes.

We are very proud of our Storage Basket Ladder. It could also double up as a vegetable rack in the kitchen, a toy storage unit in the playroom or tidy in the hallway. It is versatile enough to work in every room of the house!


Rack with 5 black metal baskets, 186 x 59 x 35, art nr 6339
Storage glass with black lid, 1,75L, art nr 1834
S-hook, brass finish, H 10cm, art nr 4037
Mala necklace, black agate, L 53cm, art nr 0246
Pouch with zipper from SS17 collection, 20 x 35cm, art nr 7818
Pouch with zipper from SS17 collection, 15 x 27cm, art nr 7817
Wooden storage box from SS17 collection, 12 x  23 x 18cm, art nr 2172
Carpet, 100% cotton, 75 x 150cm, art nr 8096
Artifical fur blanket, 130 x 170cm, art nr 7592
Soap dispenser, glass, H 19cm Ø 8cm, art nr 3600
Soap dispenser, glass, H 24cm Ø 10cm, art nr 3601
Canvas pots, set of 3, art nr 9990
Pot for hanging, beige, H 10cm Ø 16cm, art nr 6491
Storage glass with tourquise lid, 300ML, art nr 5268
Hammam towels, tourquise/off white, bmboo cotton, 90 x 170cm, art nr 1104
Hammam towel, black stribe, 100% cotton, art nr 9522
Hammam towel, grey stribe, 100% cotton, art nr 9521
Downtown metal chair, black, art nr 16607

Written 13/01/2017 by Nordal