Unexpected storage

We would like to show you one of our favourite pieces of furniture, our black metal storage cabinet. You can never have too much storage, and this cabinet is really clever because you can use it in two different ways

Thanks to the glass doors, you don’t have to hide away your nice items if they are delicate, you can still display them, but safely out of the reach for children, and also from dust. There is plenty of space in the cabinet on the two levels, for all your pretty little things. 

If you would like to store taller items in the cabinet, we have a little trick that will make that possible. Fold up the middle shelf and block it with a screw or a sturdy pin. Have a look at how we have been able to fit our tall bone candle light holders nicely. If you find you prefer to keep the shelf up like this permanently, paint the screw black or pick another piece of hard metal in a dark colour, to make it invisible. Stick the screw in under the shelf, and angle it onto the small bar which is mounted on the inside of the cabinet, like in the video. The cabinet comes in two versions, this black metal, and also raw metal and it measures H74cm x D35cm x L104cm. 

The poster placed on the cabinet is from our new collection. It really suits the decor and wall colour. We have these posters with five different animal motives, and they all measure 35x50cm. The black frame is also from Nordal. You can read more about the artist and her inspiration for her quirky paintings here.
The wall colour is from Flügger and is called “Brændt umbra”.

The raw metal cutlery tray has an alternativ use as a trinket box. We are using it here to keep sunglasses, keys and jewellery. 

The carpet is from the newest collection of Ege Carpets, it is called Denim.

Downtown sideboard, black, H74cm x D35cm x L104cm. Art nr 6156.
Cutlery tray, raw metal, H8cm x B32cm x L36cm. Art nr 4160.
Candle light holder, camel bone, large, H 43cm Ø 16cm, art nr 1941
Candle light holder, camel bone, medium, H 38cm Ø 15cm, art nr 1940
Candle light holder, camel bone, small, H 30 Ø 13cm, art nr 1939
Candles, black, H 24cm, art nr 101219
Oval vase, brass, H 17 Ø 13cm, art nr 6730
Ring vase, H 24 Ø 16cm, art nr 8935
Nanny goat poster, 35 x 50cm, art nr 7881
Frame, 53 x 50cm, art nr 7650
Wooden storage box, 12 x 23 18cm, art nr 2172
Wall colour from Flügger, www.flugger.com
Carpet from Ege Carpets, www.egecarpets.com
Clothes from Black Swan fashion, www.blackswanfashion.com

Written 5/03/2017 by Nordal