Come with us to visit the Urtegartneriet (=The Herbal Nursery) in Silkeborg. This is a highly productive biodynamic nursery in East Jutland, Denmark, where over 350 different plants and herbs are grown, all 100% organic.

Nowadays people in general are becoming more and more open to spirituality and organic farmers are there to meet these interests. Biodynamic farming acknowledges that there is a deeper connection with nature, the emphasis shifts more towards health and nutrition and a greener sense of responsibility.

Kirsten and Erik Vang Nielsen founded this garden back in 1993. In the 1000m2 big garden they grow about 350 different kinds of medicinal plants, fresh herbs and flowers which are for sale. They also sell dried herb mixes and herbal teas, literature about medicinal plants, health and nutrition together with ethereal oils and much more. The seeds and plants are for sale both at the garden, and via mail order.

Kirsten’s passion for biodynamic agriculture stems from when she worked at a conventional nursery in Australia, and discovered the skin on her fingers literally falling off. That experience together with an increased discomfort while eating a traditional diet awakened her interest in biodynamic and organic foods.

Erik on the other hand, had ever since his teenage years been interested in the yin-yang theories around nutrition and anthroposophy, closely connected with the biodynamic approach to gardening.

Urtegartneriet is not only about growing the plants and herbs, Kirsten and Erik also work a lot with the education around medicinal herbs and biodynamic farming. Each time they sell a medicinal plant, they make to share information about it’s healing and therapeutic effects with the customer, and through that deepen the customers connection to nature.

The dream of Kirsten and Erik is that Urtegartneriet becomes a popular excursion spot, and to be able to start up a vegetarian restaurant on the premisses.

We have a wide selection of Nordal garden tools, pots and planters you can use when you plant the seeds from Urtegartneriet.

Written 23/04/2017 by Nordal