Versatile workspace

This beautiful black table is the perfect workspace for a children’s room. It is big enough for  two so you can enjoy a friend’s company across the table.

The table top is made out of glass and there are little storage compartments under it, which you access by pulling out the drawers from each side.

The table is very decorative and pretty and could also be suited as a make up table. Add a mirror and some good lighting and just imagine how easy it will be to find the right colour lipstick, necklace or matching hair clip when it’s all laid out there in front of you.

The table is also big enough to be used as a dining table for two. You can decorate the small compartments with food related items to increase your appetite, or use them to store little objects and pretty things that make you happy; maybe souvenirs from recent travels, beautiful stones, shells or other collections.

The jewellery tree is decorative in itself, and will look fantastic displaying your rings and bracelets. A mala necklande in black agate, from our new yoga collection. The glass jar contains a ginger scented candle.

Table with drawers, 91x85cm, art nr 27167
Chair, metal, art nr 16607
Candle holder, horse, 22 x 7 x 18 cm, art nr 6390
Lamp, green, H 55cm, art nr 1556
Lamp, black, H 55cm, art nr 1554
Bowl, violet bamboo, art nr 3736
Leave, gold, 6x13cm, art nr 7869
Scissors, gold, L 5cm, art nr 23276
Scissors, L 18cm, art nr 6653
Lamp fur, 50 x 90cm, art nr 9141
Napkin, 50 x 50cm, art nr 9933
Jewellery tree, H 40 x W 31 x D 14cm, art nr 1499
Mala necklace, L 53cm, art nr 0246
Angel, Ø6cm x H 8cm, art nr 3438
Jar with candle, Ø 9 x 10cm, art nr 101011
Basket, Ø 46, Ø 32 x H 53cm, art nr 6548
Blanket, 150 x 170cm, art nr 7592

Written 23/10/2016 by Nordal