Visiting Kirsten

Today we are visiting Kirsten Sørensen who has been a part of the Nordal team for the past 11 years. She lives together with one of her daughters Laura, her husband Bjarne who also works at Nordal and the family dog Gemma. Her role in the company is multifunctional. Among other things Kirsten handles return products and products samples. She is also helping out decorating the Nordal showroom.

Kirsten has introduced Christmas early at her place and she brings the Christmas decor all the way into the garden. She proves that a winter garden doesn’t need to be cold and uninviting. Nordal has many great items that will help to transform your garden into a cosy haven, so that you can enjoy it in all seasons, just like Kirsten.

Kirsten especially loves the Nordal outdoor product range. “I find the Nordal products suit my style perfectly. I love how they make even my garden reflect my personality”, Kirsten says.

Kirsten thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and enjoys her garden all year around. The garden has many inviting little nooks and hideaways where you can always find shelter from the wind, even in the winter. As soon as the sun comes out, Kirsten will bring her soft, quilted blanket from Nordal out with her. That way she can wrap up warm whilst enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Recently Kirsten received a recipe of a gorgeous warm Apple Mojito, from Merete at the Hercules Pavilion in Copenhagen. This Apple Mojito quickly turned into Kirsten’s new favourite winter beverage and she would like to share this recipe with you.

Warm Apple Mojito

4 leaves of mint
1 large teaspoon of raw sugar
¼ lime with peel, cut into small pieces
3 centilitres dark rum
2 dl unfiltered apple juice, warmed to boiling point
1 cinnamon stick

Mix and mash together the mint, sugar and lime straight into a glass that can handle heat, using a spoon with a long handle. Once the juices start appearing, add the rum and stir. Finally top up with the warm apple juice and serve the beverage with the cinnamon stick, using it as a stirring stick.

This wooden bench is from one of the older Nordal collections. It was originally green but after having had it for a few years Kirsten gave it a lick of black paint to give it a fresh look.

Kirsten’s preferred way of creating ambiance outside is to use lanterns. She has several of the Nordal lanterns all over her garden. Clusters of lanterns together with rustic plant pots are perfect as special touches in your outdoor space.

The front door being painted black creates a nice contrast to the red brick house. Kirsten has hung a simple spruce branch on the door, together with a brass heart decoration from Nordal. Sometimes simple is best.

The doormat is from Nordal and comes in two versions, as a semi circle and a square one.

In this corner of the garden Kirsten has placed a brass lantern together with a fir tree made out of wood and a wooden star hung on the fence. With these simple decorations she has created a charming quiet spot where she can sit down and relax, and maybe enjoy a book or the morning paper.

Here is another lantern, this time combined with a bucket and an old milk can which has got a new life as a pot for the tree. In the winter, when it’s harder to create atmosphere with plants, use pots, lanterns and decorations like this to add elements of interest to your garden and give you something to look at.

Written 1/12/2016 by Nordal